Welcome to my Radio Imaging page folks!  Thank you for taking the time to check it out!  I will be regularly adding voice over demos that I have created here for all of you to check out.  As you know, or may not know, I am also a voice over artist; have been for over four years and it is also, as is broadcasting, a huge passion of mine!  I have compiled thousands of voice overs and I would like to share some of my demos with you.  I will also be posting competitive rates if any of you are interested in my services.  Would you like my voice on your station?  Would you like my voice on your show?  Would you like to hear my voice while you are lying in bed?  Either or, it is your decision!

Customer Testimonials (These are from Fiverr)

T. Jefferson- JJ is just simply wonderful.  He was timely, and so professional.  His talent is evident through his work.  This job was worth so much more.  Thank you JJ.  I will be utilizing your services again in the near future.

Burntflame- JJ put together a fantastic podcast intro for us.  Every step along the way was a pleasure in working with him.  He is very willing to work with you on changes and put together a product that you will be very happy with!  Thanks again for your awesome services! A+

Ibanez7- Seriously, why isn’t this guy featured yet?  I’ve had dozens of other voice over guys doing the same script and JJ just nailed it.  Over-delivered (sent four files instead of one).  Quick turnaround time and he put in his experience to change the script a bit.  Hands down, best voice over gig!

Tom- Hey JJ!  Thanks.  That’s great that you synced it to the audio and matched the tone..  This is perfect!  You are the best! :)

Armilo- WOW..  Incredible.  Bang on!  Fast, sharp, catchy.  What is the specific industry term you use to explain this type of delivery?  Highly recommended!

Brian- Greatest..  Hands down..  Delivers quick and has the best ideas ever!

1.) Take-Two’s 200th Episode Intro! – Show Intro

2.) K.L. Phair Show – Show Intro – Produced (NEW!)

3.) K.L. Phair Show – Show Intro (2) – Produced (NEW!)

4.) Cougar Town of America – Chatterbox Show w/ Chad & Beau – Show Intro

5.) Brian Ain’t Lying Show – Sports – Show Intro

6.) Brian Ain’t Lying Show – Sports – Show Intro – (NEW!)

7.) Brian Ain’t Lying Show – Sports – Show Intro – (1)

8.) Phuket Boat Show – Radio Promo – Produced (NEW!)

9.) Get Your Tickets/Popcorn Ready..  Take a Break From The Critic (Movie Report) – Show Image

10.) Telephone Promo for SavingLove365 – Interactive Guidance Group (NEW!)

11.) Sean Presley Radio – Show Intro (With Chrous) (NEW!) – Show Image

12.) Sean Presley Radio – Show Intro (Without Chrous) (NEW!) – Show Image

Here are some demos I compiled for clients – Enjoy!

July 22nd, 2009

1.) Gamer News Radio (Produced) – Radio Image

2.) Gamer News Radio (Dry Reads) – Radio Image

3.) DJ Triple X – Mixtape Introduction (Short Version) – Intro Image

4.) DJ Triple X – Mixtape Introduction (Extended Version) – Intro Image

5.) Kasch Morning Show – Eifel Radio – You Get Coffee (Produced)

6.) Eifel Radio – Eifel 105 – Listening To New Music (Produced)

July 23rd, 2009

1.) Ben Brown Show – WARNING/Rating – (Dry Read/Chorus Overhaul)

As always, thank you for all of your continued support, and I hope you enjoyed my voice over demos!  Please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote (until you start seeing prices on this page), or if you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions!

Look forward to hearing from you!

JJ – Voices On The Net/Imaging By JJ

JJ's Signature

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